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Helen Sullivan
"Through the Looking Glass"

Story 2

Helen had volunteered. Yes, on the first day of Health class- a dull and boring and pointless class, in her opinion, since her mother was a health nut- she had signed up as a volunteer at the university for the nursing students to practice taking blood samples and vital statistics. She had to have her mother sign a slip before she went, but her mother would think it would be a good experience, so there was no problem there.

And, sure enough, her mother had signed the slip. She hadn't even read it, just listened to Helen's explaination, signed it, then rushed off to a press conference.

Helen's mother, Grace Sullivan, happened to be the mayor of Sydney, Australia. She had a lot of press conferences, especially since the city was in a financial crisis. Helen thought her mother was being PERFECTLY resonable to ask everyone in the city legislature to take a pay cut. In fact, Grace had recommended that she herself take a full 10% pay cut. She was, after all, the highest paid city official and could afford it. She had only suggested 4% for the rest of the officials, but they were fighting for higher taxes.

But, that was not her concern right now. Now, she had to find her way to the correct room. She should have suggested to the other volunteers that they all come together, but she hadn't thought of it until just now. Oh, well. It didn't matter.

Here it was! There were a lot of people in scrubs in this class. It must be right. Ah, yes, there was the room number on the door. She walked in and looked around for someone to tell her what she was supposed to do.

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