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Helen Sullivan
"Through the Looking Glass" Story 1

If Helen Sullivan had- at any point- thought her life would be normal, she would have been sadly mistaken. Lucky for her, she had never thought such a silly thing. However, she had never expected it to be so strange.

On her first- yes, her very first- day at Sydney Municipal Secondary School, something very odd happened. It was during a boring history class with the world's most boring teacher when, with her arms crossed on the desk and her head resting on her arms, she began to feel the first bits of tedium creep into her limbs, followed closely by sleepiness. That wasn't so odd, though. What WAS odd was that just as she was beginning to doze in her place at the back of the classroom that she could have sworn she slipped straight THROUGH her chair and desk and landed sprawled on the floor.

The whole class turned to look at her, all grinning, but none laughing. Helen was sufficiently popular to keep anyone from making fun of her beyond the normal friendly razzing. The teacher stood from his desk to peer concernedly at Helen, who pulled herself off the floor and resumed her place.

"Sorry," she said. "Guess I didn't sleep well last night. First day jitters and all."

"That and a new episode of Bradford Place was on the telly last night," said a boy from across the room. He earned reproachful glares from Helen and their teacher.

"Miss Sullivan," said the teacher. "If you cannot keep your eyes open in this class, I shall have to send you to detention. On the first day, even, tut tut."

Helen resolved to keep her eyes opened from then on, but could not keep her mind on the Course Aims no matter how hard she tried. It just kept wandering back to the fact that she was sure she had slipped through the desk.

This was, of course, not the first time such a thing had happened. Just last week she had been SURE she had cut her finger off only to find that the blade had passed harmlessly THROUGH the digit. She had thought she had imagined it, but not two days later, she had managed to get her arm through an opening at the back of the cupboard under the sink that- when she had a chance to actually LOOK at- she had realized she could most definitely not fit any bit of her anatomy through it, much less her whole arm. The only explanation, therefore, was that she had actually gone through either the pipes or the bottom of the cupboard, which was absolutely ridiculous. Who could do such a thing? Well, aside from characters in comic books, nobody could!

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