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Helen Sullivan
"Through the Looking Glass"

Story 3

Helen normally walked to school. The governor's mansion was only about a mile from school and Helen felt that she could use the exercise. She wasn't fat- far from it, actually- but she had no other source of exercise in her daily routine. She didn't have room in her schedule for gym class and since it wasn't required, she hadn't signed up this year. Perhaps next year.

It was on one of her morning walks that she was approached by someone claiming to want to help her with her “special abilities.”

“You mean the violin?” she questioned, indicating the instrument hanging from her shoulder. “You give lessons?”

“No,” said the man. “That's not what I meant. Have you been experiencing any strange phenomena? Perhaps spontaneous regeneration or hearing other people's thoughts? Or maybe you can pass through solid objects?” he added with a sly, almost knowing smile.

Helen stopped suddenly and narrowed her eyes at him. She was about to ask him how he could possibly know about that when a dry voice in the back of her mind told her that it would be more prudent to ask him if he were crazy. “You mean like X-men?” she said, adding a smirk. “Yeah, sure, I'm Kitty Pride. Really. Walk through solid objects! Where do people come up with these things?” With that, she continued on her way.

“You mean, you haven't experienced anything strange?” asked the man, catching up with her.

“The strangest thing I've experienced in years is you,” Helen replied, a grin on her face and in her voice which told the man that she thought he was insane.

“Look, here's my card,” he said, handing one to her. “If you do find anything strange happening, let me know.”

“Suresh,” said Helen, glancing at the card. “What's this number?”

“It's in the states,” answered Suresh. “New York. Reverse the charges if you like. I'm here for a few more days. My hotel number is on the back.”

Helen raised an eyebrow at him. “I've got to get to school,” she said. “If I'm late one more time it's detention.”

This time, the man let her go on her way. And there was no way in heaven, hell or on Earth that she would ever call him. That dry voice in her mind seemed to think it was a bad idea and when that dry voice told her something, she listened. It had saved her from a lot of stupid things in the past and she was sure it was saving her now....

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