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Alejandro Martin
"The Shadow King"

Story 4

When, Alejandro was a young teen,12 years old, when a clergyman and a Captain came to their doorstep one morning wanting to speak with his father. His father later that morning told them all that they had lost two brothers who had joined the military, and had been sent to- he couldn't even remember. They were a very large family and they had all been close.. His brothers had been in the same outfit, but different companies, and died the same day. Manolito, 20; and Iago19. They'd been really close, especially since his mother had died, and they had all started to take care of each other. Especially Alejandro and Arrio, being the youngest at the time.

He'd still been young when their bodies came back on the plane a year later.

He'd seen how his father had broken before the caskets. He didn't know how to take it, with his hormones raging, so he hid his pain and fear, his utter anger that his family was breaking before him.

He also hid the powers that manifested with his anger. The shadow that came up over him whenever he vented, had started to shape him. Started to give him an evil spirit, that he could hide, because of his family. He could play that game for a while.

As he grew, more of his life changed. But his anger only grew when he was alone. Whenever his family was around, he hid the angst that he felt at seeing the massive and sudden change in his father and, both step and full families. It all started to break completely apart in his later teen years. And he had to live with the guilt, and hide it all from his family.

His father had never gotten better since his brothers had died in- wherever they had been sent. He had only gotten worse since his family was breaking apart on account of his condition. Alejandro saw this as a never ending cycle and, took matters into his own hands.

Very late one night, Alejandro turned on his light, and cast his shadow in anger as he had done many times before. He then closed his eyes and led his shadow with his mind to his ailing father's bed. The shadow-image grabbed a pillow and turned it on his father's face. Alejandro didn't want his family to suffer, didn't want his father to suffer either. He'd been ill for years. Bedridden four of those years. And Alejandro would end it all.

In anger.

He hid everything from his remaining family, who just happen to know that his father didn't have much time left anyway.

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