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Alejandro Martin
"The Shadow King"

Story 2

Just as suddenly as the storm came, and fierce as it was, it left just as suddenly, and with the biggest mess he'd seen in a while. He and his brother, Arrio, saw the damage to the substation first hand. He first thought that the mess would be manageable at the site, but it was almost entirely a tangled mess of loose wires and sparks.

Alejandro turned to his crew, suiting up for the cleanup and spoke urgently with Spanish/Australian accented authority. "OK, guys, you know what you need to be wearing, you know what you need to do. And watch those high voltage wires that may be loose and fall. Spotters up tight, comms on channel 3, masks up, get to it."

He clapped his thick rubber gloves together, and his crew went to work. Him and his brother roamed at opposite ends of the site, managing the work as best they could, considering the massive amount of debris and all of the live dangling wires and shortages going on. They even had to consider the rain puddles and had to work slower than anticipated.

They had been at the job for a couple of hours.

Then, the first call came over the comm.

"Uhh, hey, water's leaking in here! Pretty bad, and we're in confined area 4 with lot's of lives around us!! Get the power off NOW! Sparks are fl... "



Then, Alejandro called his brother over and told him to take control of the operation, he had to get in there. He yelled for the foreman to get the power off ASAP, they had possible casualties.

And he was going in.

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