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Alejandro Martin
"The Shadow King"

Story 4

As Alejandro climbed into the confined space inside the substation containing part of his working crew, he did notice the water. That same water had quite a count of live wires dipped in it, throwing sparks and voltage shocks along the surface. Alejandro knew what he had to do, since he couldn't cross the water to get to his men.

He separated.

He stayed behind, controlling his image, while his shadow went on, completely unharmed by anything. The image came to the point where the men were. There were about ten or eleven of them all crowded into a five by five by seven foot area, heaped and unmoving, except for a few. And those were barely able to move at all.

Most were dead.

And that bothered Alejandro, and reminded him of his anger, hatred, and all of the other emotions of his past.

The more his anger grew, the less he would be able to hide it from his brother.

Who cared anymore about that. He let his anger flow, turning his image onto the men inside. When his image reconnected, all of the trapped men were dead, and dismembered to a pulp.

And this time, Alejandro wouldn't be able to stop.

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