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Alejandro Martin
"The Shadow King"

Story 1

That day at the office of Martin Bros. Electric was pretty dreary. They day had been cloudy to start, and soon had started to rain. The very first thing that had popped into his head was from his visits to America a while back; "The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain!" he said, he thought, to himself. His younger brother, Arrio, had been in the office at that time, making out a bill.

Arrio looked up, and, giving his older brother one of those what-on-earth looks, he replied, "You really should not go back to that crazy America again. You bring home the stupidest sounding stuff!" With that said, Arrio leaned back and tossed a crumpled piece of paper at his eldest brother, hitting him right in the forehead! He put his hands up right off and yelled "SCOOOOOOOORRRRE!!!" while he twirled around in his seat.

"Stop it you dink, we've got work to do." And he through the paper back. Alejandro then got up, not sure why, and headed to the back door of their business. He guessed so he could see the rain.

Just as he left the room occupying his brother, he started to feel it again. That same feeling he'd had for years now, and he knew what it meant. His shadow again! He didn't want anyone to see, so he looked for a place to hide himself. He was afraid of what everyone would think of him if they knew what he was. He found the small bathroom, and just as he was about to hide himself, the feeling abruptly left him, and he let out a mall sigh. He wouldn't have to deal with that yet, and started again for the door.

He got to the door on the stoop after answering a few of their employee's questions, and opened it, to see a raging storm beginning to progress. He wanted to get a bit closer, so he took the first step down the back step, and stopped abruptly just as a huge lightning bolt hit the one substation that could be seen from that vantage point. He realized that the city would be calling them within the hour due to the contract his company owned, and wanted to start getting ready.

"Just when I thought the day would become boring!" he mumbled to himself as he started back through the door.

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