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Sophie Andrews
"A Cure for All Ills"

Story 2

Here it was-the first day that Sophie went to the hospital to volunteer. She stood before the mirror looking at her reflection. They had given her a uniform to wear that signified that she was a volunteer. It was similar to a candy strippers uniform but grayish and unstripped. As Sophie looked at herself her whole persona seemed to change. She was no longer just a university student, she was going to be helping out at the hospital! The only time that she ever went to the pediatric hospital was when she was visiting her mom, a nurse, who worked at the pediatric hospital.

Sophie placed her hair in a bun and looking at her reflection. She wondered if there was a way that she could really make a difference in the world. She was also scared that her gift, as she liked to think of it, would be discovered. She had never allowed anyone outside of her family know of her power. Her brother, of course, learned of her power when she healed his wound. Her mom discovered her healing a cut on her arm once when she was a teenager. Her mom then went and told her father what she had witnessed. Sophie wondered what would happen if her powers were found. Sometimes these thoughts led to nightmares. Yet, her gift also led her to her current field of study-nursing. She couldn't think of herself being anything other than a nurse.

So, here Sophie stood getting ready to leave for the hospital. She took one last look in the mirror to see if her uniform was straight and walked out the door and downstairs to her car.

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