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Sophie Andrews
"A Cure for All Ills"

Story 1

Sophie walked out of her last class of the day. In class there were five students from the local schools who had volunteered to be "patients". Sophie and her classmates practiced using blood pressure cuffs on them. Her class was also learning how to measure heart rate and where the proper spots were to place your fingers to test for heart rate. The volunteers sat in chairs in front of the classroom, in front of the professor's desk. They didn't look nervous. They just looked curious as if they were wondering what exactly they had signed up for.

The student that Sophie was practicing on was sweet. She asked a bunch of questions about the equipment-well the blood pressure cuff and the stethoscope. She discovered that the young womans name was Helen and she was fifteen years old. The other students were not as inquisitive. They just sat in their chairs while Sophie's classmates practiced on them.

The teacher walked each "patient" and their "nurse" with a clipboard in hand grading how well they were performing their duties. Sophie saw that Dr. Sacks had a checklist and he was checking off each item that he was evaluating as to whether they performed each item satisfactorily or not. If he didn't believe that a student was performing the task right he would make a little grunting noise. Sophie believed that she was doing well because she heard that grunt from him.

Only after every student in his class practiced on a did Dr. Sacks thank the volunteers for their time and end the class. There were thirty students in her class. Sophie hung back to notify her professor that she was volunteering at the pediatric hospital three or four times a week. She knew that professors in the Nursing program liked to hear that their students were trying to get practical knowledge in their field. Sophie's mom worked at the hospital and being around those kids touched Sophie in a way that made her want to help them in any way that she could, even if it was only on a volunteer basis. The practical experience was just an added bonus in her eyes. Dr. Sacks wished her well in her venture and told her that he'd see her in the next class. He also said that he felt that she had a true soul of a healer in her. Sophie grinned and thanked him.

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