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Sophie Andrews
"A Cure for All Ills"

Story 3

Sophie got into her car and drove to the hospital. Upon entering the hospital she got her assignment and headed to the 3rd floor. The charge nurse whose name was Tina smiled at her and told Sophie that she would be following her around for the day. Sophie learned that the children on this floor were not infectious, that this was a rehab floor where patients were close to going home. Tina introduced Sophie to all of the patients on the floor, ten all together but not all of the rooms were full. Sophie helped the children get down to physical therapy and also helped Tina wrap wounds and check temperatures and things like that.

One of the patients, a 12 year old boy, reminded her of her brother Jason. They both liked comic books and video games. On the way down to physical therapy he had constantly questioned her about school, her family and friends. He had said that he lived with his mom and sister. His name was James. He was to be sent home in a couple weeks. He said that he was looking forward to going back to school and studying history. James was a sweet kid and after dropping him off at physical therapy and picking him back up, taking him to his room, Sophie hoped that she would be able to spend more time with him on future volunteer days.

The hours spent at the hospital quickly accumulated and it was soon time for Sophie to return home. As she got through the phone rang. Her mom called to see how her first day went. Sophie told her that it went well and Tina was a good teacher. Sophie also thought that she'd be rotating around to different floors learning about the different areas of medicine the hospital practiced. They hung up after a few more minut

es of talking. Sophie let down her hair and changed into jeans and a university tee shirt. She sat down at her desk when suddenly there was a knock at her door. She opened it to find a handsome Indian gentleman standing there…..

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