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Helen Sullivan
"Through the Looking Glass"

Story 4

Helen had thrown the card the strange Indian man had given her immediately upon getting to school and now she couldn't remember his name. It didn't matter, really, because she wasn't planning on calling him or anything, but things like this tended to drive her up the wall. And so now, she sat on her bed, unable to concentrate on her math homework and wondering what his name had been. Something like Rarish or Sharich.

The thought of the man made her wonder if she could get through something by trying. Previously, she'd only done it by accident. She was curious enough to get off her bed and cross to a wall. She glared at it for a moment, willing it to become insubstantial, but when she laid her hands on it, it remained solid.

She frowned at the wall and pushed hard against it. It would not yield. Maybe she was concentrating on the wrong thing. Maybe she had to concentrate on herself. However, that did not produce any results either. At this point, she was forced to give up. She walked back over to her bed, but at the last minute, turned and ran at the wall.

She saw a flash of dark brown, of pink and of what looked like pipes, and then she found herself in her bathroom. She stood there, staring at the toilet for half a moment before a grin slowly broke across her face. “Wicked,” she whispered as she turned back to the wall and walked through it once more to her room.

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